Cost Analytics & Insights across all public clouds

Single pane visibility of workloads across all cloud providers

Detailed Cost Insights

Track Costs by Application, Database and Server

Cloudwizely helps to solve the challenges faced by many customers today when hosting their application and database footprints across multiple cloud platforms, like Oracle, Microsoft and AWS. 

  • Executive Dashboards to provide single pane of glass view across all systems and services hosted across multiple public cloud vendors (Oracle, Microsoft & Amazon)
  • Granular visibility of expenditures across all public cloud providers
  • Cost optimization and improvement of operational efficiency
  • -Maximize the ROI on Cloud expenditures
  • Custom reporting and dashboards grouped by individual Application, Database and Servers
  • Review different cloud operation models – On-Demand & Reserved
  • Most organization run on multiple cloud platforms w/o any common tool that would monitor all the assets and provide reporting 
  • Lack of visibility of all the workloads and the costs incurred across the cloud vendors
  • Cost trend analytics w/ visual graphs based on different systems
  • Unexpected operational costs and overage costs across the cloud footprints

Secure SaaS Application

  • Secure SaaS Application built on industry-leading robust Public Cloud infrastructure
  • Compliance for all regions and services
Configuration Diagram


Cost Visibility & Insights across all public clouds


SaaS Model, Self Service & Secure


Monitor end points against know vulnerabilities


One Tier pricing for all functionality


Connect the dots between costs and business objectives


Track costs by applications or business units for chargebacks

One Tier Pricing for all features

One Tier Pricing


  • Unlimited Access
  • 24/7 Support
  • Custom Dashboards
  • Unique Logins
  • User Training
  • Customized Dashboards

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